Mobile Apps Marketing

We have Mobile traffic available in bulk from all geos around the globe, we can help you promote your Apps and advertise on mobile websites

Interstitial/ Pop Advertising

We can target and optimize campaigns based on geo, city, device, os, isp, category, keywords, language, site id, retargeting etc.

Text/ Banner Advertising

We have Premium spots available on hundreds of sites for all standard banner sizes on cpm basis in bulk.Get in touch with us for quotation.

Direct/Redirect Traffic

Want to boost your site rankings ? We can offer your customized packages that can transform your stats and help you sprint to the top ranks.

Email Marketing

We provide bulk email marketing servers,software solutions and also do email marketing to your opt-in lists with latest technology that ensures better performance.

Crazy Creatives

Dont have creatives for your campaigns? No problem, We have in House Graphic designers who can create cool creatives for your brands.


  • Basic
  • Pop Rate $1 CPM
  • Volume 100K Per Day
  • Min Order $1000
  • Get Connected
  • Standard
  • Pop Rate $2 CPM
  • Volume 300K per day
  • Min Order $3000
  • Get Connected
  • Advanced
  • Pop Rate $3 CPM
  • Volume 1 Million per day
  • Min Order $10000
  • Get Connected

About US

We Are Optimistic-Media, making Your Brand Shine

We create experiences that transform Brands, grow businesses and make people's lives better. Building Brands and driving sales with innovative ideas. We find out innovative ideas of advertising. Our system chooses traffic that works best for you. We target the right place for the right ads. We work 24X7 round the clock so that you can relax. Advertising is our passion and client servicing is in our forte. We are just a call away whenever you need us. We are long term players.
Our customized solutions and quality sources deliver the desired results and Increase your ROI.

Traffic Data Estimation

Daily Web Traffic Estimate
US 9-10M 20M 6-7M
UK 300K 1.4M 1.2M
AU 65K 250K 300K
CA 900K 1.2M 700K
IT 1.3M 6M 4M
DE 125K 4.5M 1.5M
FR 600K 1.2M 550K
AT 10K 150K 45K
ES 450K 1.2M 150K
NL 150K 400K 150K
RU 90K 500K 100K
BE 40K 200K 40K
PT 6K 30K 50K
GR 30K 150K 30K
DK 4.5K 60K 35K
FI 2.5K 30K 20K
PL 100K 500K 50K
LU 400 ONLY 15K 15K
CH 100K 150K 200K
SE 2.5K 150K 50K
TR 150K 1M 200K
RO 100K 500K 65K
MX 40K 600K 75K
Monthly Mobile Traffic Estimate
US 17mm
CA 3.3mm
AU 1.8mm
UK 4.2mm
IT 1.2mm
IN 1.2mm
JP 900K
DE 880K
MX 640K
CH 400K
NL 370K
SG 280K
ID 280K
MY 470K
BR 400K
BE 280K
TR 570K
SA 290K
ES 520K
NZ 250K
AR 175K
HK 200K
DK 140K
ZA 250K
AT 160K
PT 150K
SE 250K
IE 230K
TW 115K
PH 180K
UAE 160K

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